Get the best deal on your dream home!

Everbody wants a good deal.  Notice that I didn't say that everybody wants a good price.  Price is important but price is very relative.  For example, $20 for a Bic pen? No way! $20 for a car? Absolutely, even if it's a piece of junk I can turn it into $200 at the scrap yard.  You see the $20 is not the issue it's what I'm getting in returning for my money, that's the "deal".

Real estate is something that you can really get a BAD deal if you're not careful.  You could end up paying thousands of dollars for a house with major problems or just simply pay too much.  Don't worry! There are some very simple steps you can take to make sure that you get the best deal on your dream home.

1. Hire a professional Buyer's Agent:  I know what you're thinking, "I can't afford to hire anyone."  Well, I get it, but here's the craziest thing: Buyer's Agents are absolutely free!!!  I should know, I am one.  Buyer's agents get paid at the closing of your house out of the proceeds that the seller of the house already agreed to pay.  Sellers actually pay for you to be represented by an agent!  Why wouldn't you hire one?!  The huge advantage to you is that the agent representing you knows that they don't get paid unless you buy a house with them so they are highly motivated (or at least should be) to help you in any way possible.  Honestly, if your agent isn't bending over backwards to help you, find another one.

2. Talk to a lender ASAP: Listen, I know that most people avoid talking to a lender because they think it's like the car dealer.  What I mean is, that they think that their credit score is going to get dinged 20 times if they give the lender their social security number.  Here's the amazing truth.  A lender, at least a good one, can look at your credit history and give you a pre approval without even hitting your credit!  The bottom line is that you don't want to start shopping above your price range.  A pre approval can set proper expectations and ensure that you don't fall in love with a house that you can't afford.  Trust me, that only ends in tears.

3. Get up and go: We live in a culture where we research everything and when we're done we reseach some more.  The problem is that while your researching two things are happening: 1. Housing prices are going up and 2. you're wasting time falling in love with an overly filtered picture on a computer screen.  I'm not saying that a little research is bad but when it comes to buying a house you have to GO and see it.  See the neighborhood, see the neighbors, hear the neighbors.  Don't get emotionally invested in a house that could end up smelling like 15 years of wet dog and used cigarettes. (trust me I've smelled it)

Your dream home is out there.  Quite frankly, you could miss it if you're not prepared or you could pay too much.  Make sure you follow these simple steps and you'll be sure and get a great deal!

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